Support Services & Financial Assistance

All parents need help from time to time and if you’re living with a disability you may need to access additional services and support.

The key government agencies providing support services for people living with a disability and their families in New Zealand are the Ministries of Social Development, Health and Education and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

They offer financial assistance to help cover the costs of childcare, equipment and home help for those who qualify. You can find out more about which of these services you may be eligible for in our Newly Disabled section.

Trying to find out what help is out there can be time consuming and confusing. There are a number of organisations that offer help with navigating the options for parents.

  • Disability Connect, based in Auckland, specialises in assisting families to find a pathway to the right resources and assistance.
  • The CCS Disability Action Library and Information Service provides access to articles, books, magazines and DVDs on disability related topics including parenting with a physical disability.
  • IDEA Services is the service provider for IHC, New Zealand’s largest provider for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. They support parents with an intellectual disability in a variety of ways depending on your situation. This can include help at home via supported living services. If your child is in foster care or has been adopted out, they will help you to have access to your child as deemed appropriate by Child, Youth and Family. A support worker can also help build your relationship with your children, their schools and social workers.
  • The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) works with members and other community support staff to provide assistance on many practical aspects of parenting. Their child and family support workers help parents who are blind or have a visual impairment with new skills such as how to push a pram safely or find your child in a busy playground.
  • Deaf Aotearoa provides services for Deaf New Zealanders and has service coordinators who will support you through every stage of your life. They provide an individualized service, which will cater to your specific needs.
  • The Deaf Parents and Children of Deaf Adults Conference gives participants the opportunity to network and share the challenges faced by Deaf parents raising hearing children. Contact them at

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