Bulletproof: Amanda

It’s been seven years since Amanda Lowry broke her neck while surfing. Accepting a new normal with tetraplegia has been a long journey, but her already busy life now includes triathlons and a PhD.

Seven years ago, Amanda Lowry was enjoying a day out on her surf-board with a friend at Mt Maunganui, when a shallow dive left her paralysed below her collarbone. Not only was it life-changing for Amanda, but also for her partner Gemma and their young family. With a newborn and a four-year-old, Amanda and Gemma have had a long road to find a new normal. But never one to slow down, Amanda has been finding a new path through sports and has joined the board of Parafed in order to encourage others living with a disability. She has also started a PhD and is training for a triathlon. Theres not a lot of downtime in this busy household!