Being Me: Ivan

Profoundly blind acupuncturist and radio enthusiast, Ivan, is 72 years old. He’s never let his disability slow him down, and doesn’t intend to let age do so either.

2020 Attitude Awards Finlaists

The judges have sorted through a record number of nominations to the Attitude Awards this year. They've deliberated, debated and decided on the finalists. Here are 24 outstanding people making a major contribution to the lives of those in the disabled community.

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An Accessible Web has worked closely with the disabled community to push accessibility features to the next level.

Accessibility - Get it in the big book of laws already

Young comedian, Josh Davies, attended the Access Matters debate to hear where each of NZ's political party's ideas on accessibility in the lead up to the election. How do their policies affect him as a young, visually impaired Kiwi?

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One year to go: Tokyo 2021 Paralympics

Paralympics New Zealand marks ‘One year to go’ to the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with a celebration of all those Kiwis that support Paralympians and Para athletes up and down the country.