Government Assistance

In New Zealand there are different systems that may apply to you depending on the cause of your disability. Each system offers different levels of financial support and this has led to a long running debate about the way these systems are funded.

If you are disabled through accident or injury, including injury that occurs through treatment, support is funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). Cover is provided for both short and long-term injuries.

If you become disabled by illness, support is usually provided by the Ministry of Health through their District Health Boards.

To access this assistance, you will be required to have a needs assessment carried out by your local Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Association agency (NASCA).

Imagine Better are a not for profit organization who provide individually designed support for people living with disability. They offer an easy to use pre-assessment planning service designed to support you in your needs assessment.

Work and Income provide additional support which you may be eligible for if you have a disability or you are caring for someone who does.

As you contemplate a return to work you may also be able to access support through The Ministry of Social Development.

You may also find it useful to read through other areas of this site including our sections on Employment, Education, Parenting and Independent Living for specific details of the funding that’s available in each area.

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