In New Zealand there is legislation in place to protect a disabled person's rights of access. The Building Act 2004 and the Building Code require all new buildings and any public buildings to have adequate facilities for disabled people to visit, work and carry out normal activities there. Therefore if a disabled person finds any barriers to accessing one of these buildings, it may not comply.

When there are disputes between building owners and territorial authorities on what access requirements are, the Department of Building and Housing will adjudicate. The Building Act requires there to be consultation with the Office for Disability Issues on any such disputes.

You can find more information about the Building Act and the Building Code online.

The Human Rights Act 1993 makes it unlawful to discriminate unless certain conditions apply. A report for the Human Rights Commission in New Zealand looked at the efficacy of New Zealand's current regulations around accessibility, international standards and approaches.

You can also read what the Human Rights Act says about disability and how to make a complaint.

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