Inside Outside

Attitude is looking for young kiwis to participate in a new project!


Inside/Outside is a short digital series that will follow a number of young kiwis with disabilities as they contemplate the differences between their experience of "inside" and "outside". We're talking about inside and outside in both a literal and figurative sense - literally speaking, inside can be your personal or home space, but figuratively speaking it can be about your experiences, world view, sense of self, and perspective. Meanwhile, outside can refer to your wider community and physical space, as well as the expectations of others, social stigma and pressures, misconceptions, and stereotypes or labels.


We’re after people who are comfortable with opening up about their own triumphs and frustrations on camera and aren’t afraid to get a little bit personal, a little bit weird, and a little bit creative with things.



You'll be given the tools to do all of the filming yourself, and Attitude will help to create the story structure and provide technical support for using the camera kits provided. You’ll receive a camera kit that’s yours to use for the duration of filming. You’ll have six days to get all of your filming done, and then the gear will be picked up by the Attitude team, ready for the next person to use. We’ll create a filming schedule for you to work to, and a clear structure for ticking things off as you go. At all times, you’ll have access to a support person on the Attitude team for any issues you might have - be they creative, technical, or otherwise. After you’ve completed your filming, the Attitude team will put together your episodes, ready for release!



What’s in it for you? It’s a great opportunity to share your perspective with an audience, and to be involved in the storytelling process. But also, $500 - which is quite nice too.

If this is something you're are interested in CLICK HERE to fill out an application by the 2nd of June.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!