Inside Outside

Inside Outside is a short digital series that follows a number of young kiwis with disabilities as they contemplate the differences between their experience of "inside" and "outside".

It can often be difficult to understand the world from the point of view of another person, especially if that person is disabled, has a chronic health condition or is mentally unwell. Their avenues for self-expression are often limited to one-on-one conversations with peers, parents, support groups or their immediate social circle. Inside Outside is an opportunity for those with a disability to tell their stories from their point of view. A video blog that allows disabled kiwi youth an avenue to share their own stories; about their condition, what it means to them, how it affects their lives and their immediate family and friends.

Inside Outside was made with the support of New Zealand On Air and partners Radio New Zealand


Inside Outside: Sarah Dalton

Sarah is one of the most charismatic people in her community. Living with CHARGE syndrome, means accessibility is extra important.

Inside Outside: Cory Newman

As the lead singer of his band, Cory must work with his Cerebral Palsy to perform for his audience.

Inside Outside: Henry Stilwell

Henry Stilwell is a student and lives with Williams syndrome. But he also has another identity, Lil Henry the rapper!

Inside Outside: Eamon Wood

Eamon is more mobile than many; modifying his hand cycle to tow his wheelchair.

Inside Outside: John Scott

John's Autism means he finds it easier to access a digital world, so hosting his own radio show helps him get out and about.

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Inside Outside: Josh Davies

Josh Davies is a stand-up comedian, a proud cat dad, and he only has about 15% vision in his one good eye. Not to worry - navigating Auckland city life with just four senses sounds easy, right?

Inside Outside: Pieta Bouma

Pieta Bouma moved into a new flat and started her first year at Auckland Uni. A year ago, she broke her back in Ecuador. She’s adjusting to a different way of life and embracing a new community.

Inside Outside: Alicia Kapa

Alicia Kapa juggles part-time work, studying for her Bachelor’s, and the odd skydive. She also uses a power chair, because she has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. How does she fit it all in?

Inside Outside: Jesse Coles-Hart

Jesse Coles-Hart has started his first paid job as an assistant baker, but he still makes time for the gym and basketball with his mate Benny. He shares what it’s like to have Down syndrome.

Inside Outside: Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry lives with her flatmates in Christchurch, where they’re often out exploring. Three out of four in their house are Deaf, so at home they use New Zealand Sign Language.