Ministry of Social Development

What the Ministry of Social Development does

Our purpose as a government department is to create better futures for all New Zealanders.

It’s a big job - we’re tackling some of the big issues in society, like supporting vulnerable children, boosting skills and employment and, of course, creating a more inclusive society.

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We work to support individuals, and in turn build strong, healthy families and communities.

This is not work we do alone. We work closely with other government agencies, non-government organisations, advisory and industry groups, communities and iwi, and organisations, like Attitude Live, that share our goals. Together we aim to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of New Zealanders.

The Ministry of Social Development is committed to promoting a society that is inclusive of people with disabilities. We work actively with government agencies and the disability community to remove barriers and build opportunities for disabled people to participate and be included in everyday life.

We are actively seeking social change by challenging attitudes and behaviour towards disabled people through our social cause campaign Think Differently, run by the award winning team behind the success of our family violence campaign.

We are also actively engaged in the development of policy that supports disability issues. Through the Office of Disability Issues we provide advice on policy and service development, lead strategic disability policy work, and promote implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

The Think Differently Campaign

Think Differently is a social change campaign with the ultimate aim of changing the way people think about and treat people with disabilities.

It’s about taking away the judgements and barriers of society, ultimately letting people live their lives to their true potential.

We’re doing this through work with disabled people’s organisations, and linking up with employers, educators, businesses, families, whānau, and influencers.

Keep up to date by following the Think Differently Facebook page, and the team at Think Differently has also created a social change toolkit to help with planing social change projects.

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