Housing New Zealand

What Housing New Zealand Does

Housing New Zealand works with other governmental and non governmental organisations to provide housing for people with disabilities who have a housing need.

Housing New Zealand provides a range of housing options including standard housing which may be adapted to meet specific disability needs, fully assessable houses, housing complexes specifically designed for persons 55 years and over, and Community Group Housing.

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Housing Modifications

Housing New Zealand works with the Ministry of Health or Accident Compensation Corporation to identify or arrange any additional modifications that are required to meet your housing needs.

If you are an existing Housing New Zealand tenant and you have disability or mobility needs that require modifications to your accommodation, please contact us.

Applying for Housing

The Ministry of Social Development is responsible for managing applications for social housing, and the current social housing register for Housing New Zealand houses and those of other social housing providers.

Community Group Housing

Community Group Housing is a service provided by Housing New Zealand Corporation (Housing New Zealand). The service provides rental homes for government-funded groups or organisations that provide residential community services.

Housing New Zealand works with a wide range of organisations that provide supported residential community housing for people with a range of disabilities.

Contact us to find out more about the community-based programmes we are involved in.