Our Team

Attitude is a vibrant creative studio producing award-winning documentaries, video content and campaigns across digital and tradition media.

One in four of our staff lives with disability, chronic health or mental health issues. This deep knowledge gives our work a unique perspective to make authentic content that makes a difference.

Attitude is the world’s leading producer of video showcasing possibilities for people living with disabilities and chronic health. Our work shapes attitudes and changes lives.

The Creative Team

Robyn Scott-Vincent

Founder & CEO

With a long history in documentary film-making, Robyn leads the team and sets the vision for the future. Robyn is a creative force who has a strong belief in driving social change.

Daniel Buckingham

General Manager

Dan has worked across all areas of the business. He started as a researcher & reporter and has since managed both the Post Production & Digital arms of Attitude. He is now focussed on running the business as General Manager.

Tanya Black

GM of Partnerships

Tanya oversees the concept development and production for a wide variety of clients as General Manager of Partnerships. A graduate of the New Zealand Broadcasting School, Tanya lives with disability and is passionate about using her knowledge to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

Jai Waite

Head of Post Production

Jai manages the post-production team, as well as being hands-on as our senior editor and colourist. He has a creative mind, coupled with technical nous, and backed by a strong work ethic.

Rachale Davies

Series producer

Rachale is our Series Producer, casting her creative eye across all content. She brings an awesome amount of energy to the team and comes with a wealth of international experience.

Asher Finlayson

Head of Digital

Recently joining Attitude from 5 years as the Head of Visuals at Stuff, Asher's experience allows Attitude to keep abreast of latest trends in audiences. He takes the lead on digital strategy and direction, as well as supporting the Series Producer with programme planning.

Bill Toepfer

Editor & Director

With an outstanding career, too long to do justice in this small space, Bill is an integral aspect of the Attitude team. He has edited hundreds of documentaries (and earned his share of awards) and also contributes as a writer and director.

Angela Barlie

Line Producer

Angela is the person who makes sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. She is the go-to person as the overall coordinator of the Attitude office, including all production calendars, shoot schedules, and call sheets.

Ashton Scott

Director & Researcher

Ashton's passion for telling story, coupled with her genial nature, allows her to instantly build trust and rapport with talent. She is a deep thinker who continues to refine her craft.

Ramon Te Wake

Producer & Director

Ramon! Vibrant, energetic, creative ... she deserves an exclamation mark. A director in the field, Ramon also backs up our Series Producer and is the creative lead for our digital content.

Hunter Crouchley

Camera Operator & Sound Recordist

The man who's always out in the field, Hunter will usually be found behind a lens of some description. With a great eye and talent for lighting, Hunter brings our stories to life.

Dave Bonny

Sound Recordist & Media Manager

Dave is a safe pair of hands out in the field on sound, and he balances this well by also keeping our technical systems on track back in the office.

Annette Fa'aū

Director & Researcher

Neti brings warmth and enthusiasm to everything she's involved in. A people person with a great sense of empathy places her well to work in the industry.

Gavin Mackay

Production Accountant

Much more than a bean counter, Gavin works alongside management to ensure smooth and efficient running of the production company. From payroll to projections, Gavin's work is integral to the business.

Cheryl Carmine


A self proclaimed nosy parker, Cheryl is great at getting to the heart of a story. A genuine interest in people places her well to connect with talent and deliver solid briefs through to our producers and directors.

Annabel Kean

Digital Community Manager

Creative and with a passion for social media, Annabel ensures Attitude is continually on point with digital trends.

Laura McBeath

Editor & Media Manager

'No problem' seems to be Laura's favourite saying. From the grind of ingesting & syncing footage to nailing the detail of onlining content she gets things done!

Robbie Francis

Project Manager & Researcher

It was an absolute coup to secure the services of Robbie Francis to project manager the 2018 Attitude Awards fresh off her handing in her doctorate thesis. She came into the role on fire and has continued to excel in every task that has come her way.

Our Advisory Board

Mark Vincent

Mark Vincent has nearly three decades of international experience in strategy design and execution, market research, executive development, coaching and mediation. He has co-authored or published a number of books relating to strategic planning and leadership.

Bill Peake

Marketing Hall of Famer, Bill Peake, is renowned as a marketing visionary and successful entrepreneur. Respected as a world leading creator, owner & producer of Collaboration Marketing programmes & Content Marketing formats. Bill has worked with more than 150 client companies & hundreds of brands.

Denis Harvey

Denis Harvey's career has involved 3 decades in television production and network management. He is a former Head of Production and Sport (TVNZ) and is a specialist in international sports broadcast production. Denis has been awarded both an Emmy and a Golden Podium Award.


Asia-Pacific Stevie Award

Horizon Interactive Media Award

Mobile Web Award

Manthan Award - "Inclusion & Accessibility"

World Summit Award - "Inclusion & Empowerment"

ASID Media Award - "Lily Harper Show"

ABU Prizes - Perspective Award "Attitude Awards"

Asia TV Awards - Best Documentary "Unlocking Autism"

Apollo Awards - Best Editing "Jimmy wants a job"