Our Services

We work with organisations, service providers, government agencies, and brands to help them step inside the world of health and disability. We help them rethink their attitudes, move closer to the community or rewire their marketing.

Firstly there is our extensive experience in production – of both online and broadcast content. But add to this our role as managers of an established online platform with an engaged audience, our unprecedented understanding of what it is to live with disability and chronic health, our well-established connections to the community and our deep knowledge of the culture of disability.

Video Production

We have full in-house production facilities to deliver broadcast quality video production on budget and on time. Our point of difference is our skilled interviewers and cinematographers who deliver stories that frame life as a series of possibilities for the one billion people who live with disability.

Branded Content

Attitude consults and creates branded content in a number of formats, from written content to short-form video or long-form documentaries. We have the capacity to see the process through, distributing directly though our online platform, and out through our associated channels.

Strategy & Insight

We take the guesswork out of your brand and communications planning. Insights gained through our extensive experience in the health and disability sector, and through our web platform, our audience and associated online channels, means we offer unprecedented access and connections to the disability community.

Case Studies

Attitude Pictures have produced many videos for other organisations and government agencies. The following case studies were conceptualised from the creative team at Attitude, from the initial story-boarding, to finding the talent, to the directing and editing.

The Office For Disability Issues

We were asked by the Office For Disability Issues to create a video which encouraged people to contribute towards the revision of the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

The Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education wanted to speak to children about how to make New Zealand a more inclusive place. This video was also put towards the Disability Strategy Revision team to provide additional feedback.

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