Information and Support for Family Carers

Caring for a family member with a disability is a huge responsibility, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

The New Zealand Government does not expect any child or young person under 18 to be a full-time carer, but the reality is that many will be helping to support family members of one of their extended whanau.

As a young carer you may enjoy your caring role, but you may find it difficult to keep up your studies or find time to socialise with friends. Sometimes it just helps to talk to others who get what you’re going through.

The following sites will connect you with other young carers and offer tips on how to look after yourself as well as the person you’re caring for.

  • Carers New Zealand offers a space for family carers and friends to share experiences with other carers.
  • Young Carers NZ is a dedicated support group to the experiences of young carers.
  • Young Carers Australia have some great resources and a forum where you can share your experiences.
  • Young Carers Net is a UK based website offering online support services for young carers:.

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