Assistive products may make your everyday tasks a little easier to manage. There are a range of low cost products to assist you with meal preparation, getting dressed and keeping you safe and mobile at home. You or your family can buy these directly from a retailer if you need them.

Products you may find helpful include:

  • Cups with handles
  • Jug or kettle tippers
  • Electric can openers
  • Plates with surrounds
  • Jar and bottle openers
  • Long handled products if arm movement is restricted
  • Cutlery or utensils with built-up handles to aid with gripping
  • Slip-resistant matting to prevent plates or cups from moving across bench surfaces
  • Safety in the bathroom can be achieved with slip resistant mats or short grab rails fitted to provide you with support
  • Walking sticks
  • Reachers to pick things up off the floor
  • Sock assist equipment.
  • These products and many more are available from the Independent Living Service – visit their shop in Royal Oak, Auckland or shop online.

Your nearest disability information centre can advise of product retailers available in your area. Freephone 0800 693 342 (0800 NZFDIC), visit Firstport, freephone Enable Information on 0800 17 1981 or email them

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