Accessible Housing

Accessible Housing

Our homes and communities have a profound impact on our ability to be socially and economically active, as well as our overall quality of life.

Research has shown that the needs of disabled people are not being met by New Zealand’s current housing stock. The government recognises that more needs to be done to make better use of existing housing, and also to promote the ‘future proofing’ of new homes with universal and accessible design.

Existing Homes

In New Zealand both the ACC and the Ministry of Health provide assistance with housing modifications for people with long-term disabilities.

In the first instance an occupational therapist will assess your needs to identify what you need to help you get around your home safely.

Accessable and Enable New Zealand receive applications from assessors and check them to ensure they are the most appropriate solution for you. If your application is approved they will stay involved until the work is completed.

CCS Disability Action also has more information on making your home accessible.

If you decide to carry out modifications privately the New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres can put you in touch with a builder with suitable experience in your area. Contact your local centre for details.

New Homes

Instead of making modifications to your existing home you may want to consider moving to a new home, specifically designed with accessibility in mind.

Lifemark Design is an independent not-for profit established by CCS Disability Action. They award the ‘Lifemark’ - an independent seal of approval for accessible home design. The website will help you find approved designers and builders for your new home.

Housing New Zealand maintains a database of modified Housing New Zealand properties. A Suitable Home service puts a Case Manager and a disabled person together to find a suitable modified home. To access this service you must live in New Zealand, have a long-term physical disability and require housing that meets your disability needs.

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