Finding a Job

The prospect of looking for work can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. There are several key organisations that can help get you into work or give you individual careers guidance.

  • The Catapult Employment Services Trust was set up to support people who are marginalised from open employment by virtue of condition, illness, impairment or disability. They match people with jobs and stay involved for as long as necessary to ensure a successful long-term relationship between employer and employee.
  • Workbridge is a professional employment service for people with all types of disability including those who have lived with the long-term effects of injury or illness. They work at no cost for jobseekers and employers to match people to the right job.
  • Geneva Elevator is a specialised recruitment consultancy offering a wide choice of supported employment options for people with disabilities living in the greater Auckland area. They offer a free service to help you find the right career path.
  • Emerge Supported Employment Trust provides a range of professional supported employment and transition services for people with disabilities in Wellington.
  • The Mainstream Employment Programme, run by The Ministry of Social Development, places people with disabilities into two year work placements. Your salary can be subsidized by 100% in the first year and 80% in year two. The programme also offers ongoing training opportunities and funding to meet any adaptive technology or specialized assistance costs. The scheme is currently oversubscribed so all new applications will go onto a waiting list.
  • ASENZ represents the supported employment agencies throughout New Zealand. Supported Employment agencies assist people with a disability to reach their career aspirations and improve and expand inclusive employment opportunities and services. Practitioners of supported employment provide a range of services to both employees and employers. The ASENZ website has details of all the providers and the services they provide.
  • CCS Disability Action also gives help and guidance to those wanting to enter or return to the workplace.
  • Diversity Works NZ┬álists 400 employers of choice. These are employers who have made a public commitment to being fair employers of a diverse workforce enabling everyone to reach their full potential at work.
  • Caribiner Mentoring offers a 12-month mentoring programme for young people with disabilities matching them with someone who has experience in their specific field of interest. One of the scheme's key benefits is that participants have the opportunity to showcase their potential in a work setting.

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