Employing a person with a disability

People with disabilities can offer unique talents and are great at thinking outside the box. Employing someone with a disability can have a positive impact on the culture of your business. You may think that big changes will need to be made to accommodate a disabled employee, but the truth is that the majority of disabled people donĂ­t need any support at work at all.

In some cases there may need to be some organisational or structural changes to ensure that all employees are treated equally. There may also be a need for physical changes to the working environment. Employers do have a legal obligation to provide a safe and effective working environment that encourages productivity and creativity. In practice this may mean adding wheelchair ramps, lowering the height of a workbench or redistributing tasks.

Funding may be available to help with any modifications that may be necessary.

Workbridge is a professional employment service for people with all types of disabilities. They have a section on their website dedicated to providing information for employers on many aspects of employing a person with a disability.

The Employers Disability Network is a not-for-profit network of organisations sharing best practice on working with disability in all areas of business. On their site you will find the latest news, best practice advice and resources for the business community to better employ disabled people and serve disabled customers.

Think Differently is a social change campaign that encourages a fundamental shift in attitudes and behaviour towards disabled people. They produced a video for employers, in partnership with the Employers Disability Network and Attitude Pictures about the realities of employing a person with a disability. Visit their website for more details about their campaign.

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