Secondary School

In most cases the support your child receives at primary and intermediate school will carry over to secondary school, if it’s still needed. Start planning 12-18 months ahead to make sure the supports are well in place before your child starts secondary school. This can be part of your child’s regular Individual Education Plan (IEP) process.

The transition plan needs to look at:

  • Transferring funding and other support from primary/intermediate on.
  • Any property modifications needed to access classrooms or facilities.
  • Any support your child needs from a teacher’s aide or peers to get around the school and to classes.
  • Emotional and practical support for the change.
  • Preparing the new school and familiarising them with your child.

Here are some tips to set up for a positive move when preparing for secondary school:

  • Highlight things that might be similar or familiar, and the things that they can take with them that will be familiar.
  • Help them to move to and around their new environment with maps and photos.
  • Have your son or daughter visit their new classroom or school to meet their teacher and any support staff beforehand. Give them an opportunity to spend time in the class and become familiar with the
  • people, routines and expectations before they start.
  • Talk about the new school’s routines and rules and develop visual timetables to help them be on time.
  • Help your son or daughter to practice the social or organisation skills they need for secondary school, and ask their new teachers or support staff to teach these skills.
  • Talk with the school about assigning a buddy. Have your son or daughter meet that buddy before they start at the school.

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