Whooping Cough

Help protect your baby

Whooping cough – our babies are most at risk¹

Attitude has partnered with GSK to highlight the dangers of whooping cough and what you can do to help protect your family.

Whooping cough is always in our community, but there is even more going around right now which is why a national outbreak has been declared by the Ministry of Health. (2,3)

If you are pregnant talk to your healthcare professional about getting a booster. Boostrix is funded for pregnant women from 28 to 38 weeks gestation. (1) Everyone who will be in close contact with your new bub can also be vaccinated to help protect themselves and your baby.(1)

Whooping cough vaccination is quick, simple and available through your GP and some lead maternity carers and pharmacies.

Who needs to know about the whooping cough booster vaccination?

We asked everyday Kiwi families talk to us about the importance of having their booster vaccinations.

Mum & Dad

Mum and Dad are likely to have low immunity to whooping cough if they haven’t been vaccinated in the last 10 years– so get a booster to help protect mum, dad and baby.(1,4) If you are pregnant, talk to your healthcare professional about getting a funded whooping cough booster.(1)


Grandparents are key support people for new parents – but their immunity to whooping cough may have waned. That puts them at risk of catching and passing on whooping cough.(1,5,6)


Friends and other family members are a great support when baby arrives – but with whooping cough always in your community, encourage them to get immunised too. (1,2)


Ask at your childcare centre if all staff are vaccinated against whooping cough – keeping both them and the children they care for safe from whooping cough is important.(1)

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