Question Time

with Life Unlimited

Question Time with Life Unlimited

Life Unlimited has partnered with AttitudeLive to bring you “Question Time.” Frank and sometimes awkward questions are put to a diverse range of disabled people. With candid honesty people reveal something about their journey, offering valuable advice on how to live the best life possible.

From what to do when people stare to ageing with a disability; from managing university in a wheelchair to tips on dating…

You asked the questions, we’ve got the answers

Jai Waite

Jai’s life nearly ended after a dip in the ocean resulted in a high-level spinal injury. He explains how he's carved out a great life for himself and why he has no use for pick-up lines.


Phillippa has trouble with reading and writing but her warm and compassionate nature meant she was able find a job she loves. She reveals how good relationships can ensure you have a life worth living.


Brooklyn’s finding he has to fight to be included. He has big ambitions but worries the world might not be ready for him.


Darya describes herself as a ‘little slow’ and she knows that’s due to her birth mother drinking alcohol when she was pregnant. Her advice? Look to your heroes for inspiration and believe in yourself.


Having faced down death … twice … Eilish knows not to sweat the small stuff. Vision impaired due to an inoperable brain tumour, Eilish’s trusty guide dog Loie, has given a new found independence. Now she’s determined to experience all life has to offer


It’s hard to come back from an accident that robs you of your passion. Eltje explains how dogged dedication to rehabilitation means she’ll soon be back on her bike and competing.


Geneva lives with cerebral palsy and is ‘non-verbal,’ but this recent graduate wants you to know she’s a smart young woman with quite a lot to say.


As a teenager, John couldn’t stand the sight of his own reflection. Learn how his love of music and performing on stage taught John to embrace his difference.


Manu’s life hit a low point when he became too big for his family to take him on outings.Find out how a special teacher fought to reconnect Manu with the outside world


Victoria is proof that Deaf can do anything. But this busy mum, student and entrepreneur tells us that ignoring her language needs makes life unnecessarily challenging


Young and suave, Shakti’s confidence took a hit when he left his friends at high school for university in the big city. He tells us how he found his groove and why a certain bar owner thinks he’s a health and safety risk.


Kimmy wasn't happy with her living situation. At thirty-two years of age, she was made to go to bed at eight o’clock every night. Kimmy shares how she found her voice and what she does with her newfound independence.