Changed In A Moment

with ACC

ACC brings you Changed in a Moment

Life can suddenly take a different direction to what we plan and for these eight people, the change was drastic. Watch as they share experiences that ultimately changed their lives, forever. Where were their lives heading before an accident sent them on a different course? How did they cope with the change and how are they living life now?

Phil Spring

Phil Spring broke his neck in a scrum over 40 years ago. Since then his life has been full, making important contributions to sport and his community.

Casey Woodhouse

It was just over a year ago that Casey broke her neck while training for a motocross event and now, she's more determined than ever to prove people wrong.

Tupou Seini Neiufi

Tupou was hit by a car when she was just two years old. Brain injury and hemiplegia meant a long and difficult recovery. No one thought she'd one day be representing her country.

Tanya Black

Tanya was left paralysed after a simple fall in her home 12 years ago. She never thought she'd end up in a job she loves.

O'Connor Buckley

O'Connor sustained a traumatic brain injury in a motorbike accident. His mother thought he'd never gain independence, but 13 years on he's flatting and working.

Nafi Tefono

Nafi was 'young and bulletproof' and a talented rugby player, but one day a misplaced tackle resulted in a broken neck and some tough decisions about his future.

Sophia Malthus

Sophia was training to be a jockey when she was thrown from her horse, breaking her neck. She tells us how the camaraderie of people experiencing the same thing helped pull her through.

Praveen Shankar

Parveen lost his sight in a car accident at 25. He thought life was over, but he was soon to learn it was just beginning.