The Attitude Group

The Attitude Group is a global thought leader on disability - passionate about promoting possibilities.

We’re driven to make the world a more inclusive place. We seek to empower people through the telling of strong human stories.

Attitude Pictures

Our extensive catalogue of video content covers disability, health and wealth-being.

Produced across ten years, we are supported by our funding partner NZ on Air.

AttitudeLive is the global platform where people can watch great content, learn and connect to others.

It's an endeavour led by people with lived experience of disability and embraces the voice of the broader disability community.

The Attitude Trust

The Attitude Trust is operated as a Charitable Trust. It was established to increase awareness of the gains that can be made from the integration of persons with a disability into every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

Proceeds from The Attitude Trust funds initiatives to train young disabled people in media and digital media skills. We believe encouraging these careers will ensure future generations of disabled New Zealanders have a strong voice in the community.

Trustees include:

  • Dan Buckingham, Digital Producer
  • Hon. Ruth Dyson, MP Port Hills
  • Stacey Roche , Halberg Disability Sport Adviser
  • David Rutherford, Human Rights Commissioner
  • Robyn Scott-Vincent, CEO Attitude Pictures Ltd &

Attitude Awards

The Attitude Trust’s key initiative is the Attitude Awards - an annual celebration where we acknowledge the achievements and contributions of Kiwis who live with disability.

Awards are presented across eight categories. We salute artists, sportsmen and women, people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues, young and old. We also pay tribute to the employers who work alongside people with disabilities to ensure they are able to contribute their skills to society and live full and satisfying lives.